We have created this page to provide our customers with answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question here please feel free to contact us.

Our Pricing Structure

There are many ways to make a profit with an ecommerce shop. Having worked out your costs for a product you can then charge a big percentage profit and likely have small sales. Or, you can charge a small percentage profit and hope to have big sales. Or, as an alternative to percentages, you can add the same, more or less, fixed minimum profit to all products.

We have chosen the last option as it takes as much time to pack and post an expensive item with a fixed profit margin as it does a cheap item with a fixed profit margin. Now what this means is that items which are cheap, to begin with, like Celtic Fashion Accessories are relatively expensive on this site, if bought individually, but to reduce the price we offer quantity discounts (because it is almost as easy to pack and post two or three items to a single address, as it is to pack and post one item), with of course free shipping. It also means that very expensive items, like expensive Celtic Sterling Silver is probably very competitively priced, even with including registered post/recorded delivery, as the fixed profit margin would be lower than a percentage profit margin on the purchase price of such items. But, it also means that we are unlikely to offer a website wide sale at any time during the year, because we are on a low fixed profit margin. 

So, having explained how our pricing structure works, HAPPY SHOPPING ! , and use our pricing structure wisely to get the best possible deal, for yourself, or as whatever suits you.

The Currency Charged For Our Products

All our products are charged in Euro.

Free Shipping

There is Free Shipping included in the prices 

Countries We Ship To

We export to the UK, Europe (specifically the EU), USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Sales Tax (or Value Added Tax, VAT)

So far we are not VAT registered, as our Sales hasn't reached any of the Thresholds for VAT, when it does we will change our pricing structure to include VAT. 

Payment Mechanisms

We restrict our payment mechanisms to Paypal and Amazon Pay so as our customers can feel secure that we don't hold their credit card details and that this information continues to be secure with Paypal and Amazon Pay.  Concerning Paypal, we only sell to Paypal confirmed addresses and if you are asked to provide your phone number, please include international area codes as we only sell to those customers who provide international area codes with their phone numbers. If you wish to send a gift to someone else, at another address, please use Amazon Pay.  (Update Note: I will have to delay setting up Amazon Pay until I can arrange new bank accounts and email addresses).

Acceptance of your Order

Celtic Craft reserves the right to refuse your order for any reason. We consider your order as accepted when the item(s) have been posted to you. All items are subject to availability. Celtic Craft may alter or modify the products displayed on this website without notice and at any time.

Sales Tax (Value Add Tax or VAT)

Currently the annual sales of Celtic Craft is below the limit required by law to charge Sales Tax (VAT) on orders shipped within the European Union. As a result Celtic Craft does not charge VAT on this website, on orders shipped within the European Union. Celtic Craft is not required to charge Sales Tax (VAT) on orders coming from outside the Euro Zone. Payment of the cost of all goods must be made in full before goods can be dispatched.