Celtic Triskele Choker

Celtic Triskele ChokerCeltic Triskele Choker

Celtic Triskele Choker

3 For €22.50 On Any Celtic Choker Combination

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Celtic Triskele Choker  Celtic Triskeles are spirals and Celtic Spirals symbolized the Cosmos, to the Celts. Newgrange is a Celtic monument located on the Hill of Tara, in the Boyne Valley in Ireland's Ancient East. Once a year at dawn, on Midwinters Day, the winter solstice, at around four and a half minutes after sunrise, if there are no clouds in the sky to obstruct the sun, the sun shines down the 'roof box' of the Neolithic passage graves of Newgrange, moving gradually up the passage and illuminates the floor of its main chamber some 18 metres (about 59 feet) away, deep within the monument, Outside the Celtic monument of Newgrange is a large Celtic Triple spiral carved into stone.

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